​Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane


This Fund provides scholarships to promote educational advancement and higher learning to individuals in the Spokane and surrounding areas. The number and amount of educational awards varies from year to year depending on how much is raised during events such as the ISCS Scholarship Brunch. However, a minimum of $1,000 is required to be raised each year. Though scholarships are presented in October of each year during the annual ISCS Coronation ceremonies, the awards are not restricted exclusively to members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community

~~Holiday Food Baskets

Each year at Thanksgiving and at Christmas, The Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane provides holiday food baskets to economically disadvantaged families and individuals in the greater Spokane area regardless of sexual orientation. In addition to collecting non-perishable food items and donations, ISCS host several fundraising events including the Prince and Princess Holiday Food Basket Drive, to raise funds to cover the costs for this worthy cause. Over the years, ISCS has helped hundreds have had a happier and a more joyous holiday thanks to this truly wonderful charity.


This fund was established to provide for medical emergencies, acts of god, or any emergency beyond the requester’s control. The ISCS Board of Directors are responsible for raising funds for this use. The Disaster Board carries its own Board of Directors appointed by the Emperor and Empress. Help is provided on a one time per year, per person basis to anyone requesting assistance limited to $100 per incident. The Disaster Committee Contact for the ISCS is the sole person with the personal details of the incident. Information is held in strictest confidence with only the members of the Disaster Board.